About Us

La Petite Colline is a child education Preschool/Maternelle in Brooklyn. We offer a progressive, Reggio Emilia inspired program from Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm for children 16 months to 6 years old. Our personalized and flexible program is customized to fit each child’s individual skills, personality, needs, and unique pace to reach their full potential. La Petite Colline is dedicated to supporting joyful independent learners who are focused and creators of their own environment. We provide inspiring educational materials, a collaborative and individual space with access to the exploration garden and intriguing toys which ignite curiosity and empower children.

Promoting a passion for learning and meaningful knowledge through our personalized and whole child education approach is key. Providing a backdrop for children to develop self-esteem, confidence, academic excellence and to explore the world and improve their skills is what we offer to support your child’s exploration. We feel that high quality education and care is centered around highly skilled and sensitive teachers, a progressive program and a stimulating environment. Delighting in children’s natural curiosity and desire to make sense of the world, we encourage each one to spread their wings.

For young children, this is their first experience away from home and their family. This can be a life-long rewarding and positive experience but at the same time, this transition can be challenging. That’s why our first priority is to provide a healthy, safe, and loving environment, where children feel happy, inspired, valued, and respected.

Children need a safe-haven to be able to explore and discover themselves and grow. Our program encourages children to learn through play and natural every day exploration as well as teacher designed situations that enhance their experiences. Making new friends and adjusting to their ever-shifting social world are crucial skills that will continue to develop as they grow.

We adapt our curriculum weekly to the interests and needs of the classes and the individual child through careful monitoring and reflection in our planning. As a Swiss early childhood education background school inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we offer a bilingual language curriculum by providing immersive holistic learning in both French and English.


Our mission is to provide outstanding early childhood education and care for each child to reach their true potential, to find happiness, and flourish as they grow. Our highest reward is to contribute to a happy and rich childhood, encourage positive life-long experiences, establish a passion for learning and curiosity provided in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. Our program focuses on personalized education. Our core values are creativity, developing and nurturing social and emotional skills, as well as academic mastery.

La Petite Colline offers inspiring opportunities and a stunning environment. We support independence and autonomy by creating age appropriate challenges that are suited to each individual child’s abilities and by providing encouragement, outstanding resources, and daily opportunities for choice and discovery. We seek to build basic academic skills while rewarding curiosity, inspiration, opportunity, passion, and trust.

We support children to strive toward high quality personal mastery and well-being. La Petite Colline celebrates courage, diversity, pride in individuality and a sense of community, and healthy competition.

Photo credit © Ashok Sinha: ashoksinha.com