Family Testimony

Family Testimony



  • We are so grateful for La Petite Colline and their approach with bi-lingual children. They have not only created a beautiful space for our little ones to explore but have also cultivated a wonderful multi-lingual community that we cherish. Watching our children grow and learn these past 3 years has brought our family so much joy. Merci pour tout


  • We absolutely loved LPC! The teachers were kind, caring and patient and the office staff was easy to work with. Our son felt loved and cared for and made many friends in class. We particularly liked his exposure to another language and given many of the families spoke multiple languages our son often came home learning words in a third or fourth language.


  • The school is absolutely gorgeous with lots of light and an outdoor space with toys and activities that align with our philosophy of play and learning.The school had a great curriculum that was always interesting to us and our son. Our son learned all the planets and what they were made of!


  • We have the deepest gratitude for everything the entire team at LPC has done for our son. LPC’s approach has been entirely aligned with ours. From the environment to the curriculum to the regular updates on BrightWheel to LPC’s diligence allowing them to remain open during the pandemic, we have enjoyed seeing him develop and have appreciated the entire team’s efforts. The quality of care and instruction has been excellent. Most importantly, our son has felt welcomed, supported, and cared for from his first day.


  • We made wonderful friends at La Petite Colline and loved every day our son was there.


  • Our experience at LPC has been absolutely wonderful. After several months of COVID quarantine, we were nervous about starting our daughter in daycare again. All of the staff and teachers are so warm and welcoming that our daughter always RUNS through the door in the morning with a smile. You can really tell that they put a lot of thought into the activities and truly get to know each child. They have helped us navigate several toddler transitions and are so grateful for their support (e.g., managing shyness to speak, introduction of a sibling, potty training). There is really nothing like LPC.


  • Our time at LPC was magical, despite the challenges of the past year. The teaching staff is exceptional, diligent, compassionate. The administration is available and flexible. All issues, especially about the ever-changing pandemic, were handled in ways that were measured, calm and efficient. The space is inspiring, special and clean. We were met by smiling, welcoming faced each morning and afternoon and will truly miss this community, hope we stay in contact!


  • Our son has essentially grown up at LPC over the past 3 years and we’ve been so pleased to see him blossom there. From his first day just after his first birthday, through four different classes, a group of amazing teachers and friends, we couldn’t have asked for a better first school experience for our son.


  • LPC is a wonderful place for children to develop and grow. All the teachers are nurturing, attentive, and engaged with both the kids and the parents. The curriculum is a great balance of structure and free play, with tons of different activities for kids to enjoy that help foster learning, development, and relationships with each other. The premises is pristine, with a large open space, plenty of toys, and a beautiful garden where children can explore, run around, plant fruits & vegetables, and foster a relationship with nature.


  • LPC is also very good at communicating with parents. The daily updates are really helpful, and if you have any questions or need any other communication, you are given individual and thoughtful attention. The staff is also very helpful at guiding parents through developmental milestones & changes like potty training and sleeping.


  • My son was there for almost a year, and while we had to leave because we moved, over the course of that time he developed language skills, interpersonal skills, learned about all kinds of things, and came home every day skipping and singing with glee.


  • It’s a great place to send children, and we recommend it to other families wholeheartedly.


  • Our child has been enrolled at LPC for 2+ years, and we are very grateful for the wonderful community, education and love she has received during that time.During the height of the shutdown, LPC went above and beyond to provide an educational and playful structure for our toddler.


  • The physical environment is extremely clean, and even pre-covid the school took measures to make sure students were healthy before entering the classroom – as a result we noticed our daughter rarely became sick compared to her previous school.


  • We love LPC and are very excited to continue being a part of this special community as our younger child is now enrolled, and our older daughter is transitioning to kindergarten.


  • Our son has been at LPC since he was 3 years of age and he has loved his 2+ years there. LPC has a very nurturing and organic approach to teaching and child care and we could not be happier with the experience. Leo loved all his teachers, has developed very very well in both academics and with arts and crafts and is in a perfect position to move, with confidence, into Kindergarten at a bigger school. We are so thankful we enrolled Leo at LPC and we will always have a place in our hearts for everyone there.