Three focus of the school


Children will be given the tools and opportunity to engage in French conversation with their peers and teachers and will be encouraged to express their ideas and ask questions in French. Through stories, thinking routines, dramatic play, songs, phonological awareness, games, and practice, children will start cultivating French language pathways. By kindergarten, our students will be familiar with the French sounds, and master the French alphabet, which will encourage them to read and write in the target language.

Art Expression

Art will be an everyday experience in the classroom, where children can feel comfortable expressing themselves and their emotions creatively. Specially selected art projects will aid in the development of cooperation, creativity, fine motor skills and exploration skills. While some activities are guided by the teachers, a variety of material is also always available to create freely and encourage autonomy.

Environmental Learning/Science

Our classrooms are inspired by natural light and are filled with windows and skylights that let in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Environmental education will have a large role each day as children learn about weather and season changing, the life cycle of plants, concepts of light and reflection, and the importance of nature. Children learn through hands-on experimentation, whether they are baking a loaf of bread, or learning about color theory on the light table.